I love to sew, and have been doing it since I was in high school.  I'm a big fan of knit apparel because I like to be comfy, costuming because I am all kinds of geeky, and I have just recently gotten into bag-making.

Costume and Props

With a degree in 3D Fine arts, I have a lot of fun building costumes and props.  I have worked with local community theatre groups, won ribbons at Sci-Fi and Fantasy conventions, and even experimented with stitchable circuitry to make light-up costumes!

Other Making

We have a 3d printer pen I have yet to try out!  I have a wood burning tool that is gathering dust in the garage.  I have some leather that I would love to use in interesting ways.  Look for all this and more in the near future, right here!

Why Make a Thing?

Making is therapeutic. It feeds something in me that is a little hard to define, but there is a gratification in creating something, especially something useful, wearable or perhaps delicious.

As a child of the 80's I tend toward openly geeky, pop-culture references, and rainbow-sparkle-unicorn life.  I am a big fan of Star Wars, Harry Potter, (modern) Doctor Who, Wonder Woman, and more.

As a sewist, I love working in knits, and have relationships with several indie pattern companies, custom fabric printers, and other experts in the sewing, costuming and fashion industry.

I have a background as an art teacher, started a nonprofit makerspace in 2015, and have won grants for personal and public projects.

All of this goes to say making is in my blood, and a practice of making daily is critical to my well-being. I hope you'll read the blog or join me for a class and find the maker in you, too!


Do you want to make a thing?

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