Earthy, Eggy, Arty!


Inspired by this Zakka Life post (found via Craft blog), we made some egg cups this evening as an after-nap craft. I cut the egg cartons and glued together with hot glue, but CJ helped paint.



CJ’s cups:


My cups:


I was inspired to add leaves to make them look like flowers.


But CJ thought they looked like bunny ears, so we also made bunnies.

IMG_2226 IMG_2231

Even our (recycled) palette looked cool!


Hop on over to Zakka Life for more info!


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2 Responses to Earthy, Eggy, Arty!

  1. I love how you made the craft your own and turned the egg cups into animals and flowers. It looks like your son had a lot of fun painting.

    Thanks for sharing a link to my site :)

    • CJ loves to paint, and had a blast with this project! I love making things with him because he gives me new ideas. Thanks so much for pointing us in the right direction!

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