A Perfect Place for a Picnic!


If you’re a regular visitor to my blog, you’ll know that we frequent The Decordova Museum in Lincoln, MA. We love it there for many reasons, but my absolute favorite is the sprawling welcome of the Sculpture Park. It’s truly fabulous in the spring, and we happily packed our picnic basket and headed out with our friends Ms. Denise and Adelaide.


We just recently picked up a spare car seat, so CJ and I can travel in other people’s vehicles. This means the 20-minute drive to the museum is more economical with the rising gas prices, greener for the earth, and more companionable for the four of us. Carpool if you can!


Going places with Ms. Denise is always a good time. She sees something fun in everything. These magnolia petals, for instance:


become rabbit ears!


A knot on a huge Copper Beech tree:


becomes “whistling lips!”


And do you see the grape “eyes” looking at you?


The trees are really amazing, too. Here we are playing under a Weeping Beech tree.


CJ is reading the letters carved into the trunk. The artist in me thinks the graffiti is cool, but the gardener in me feels terrible for the poor tree…

Of course, there are also lots of cool sculptures to interact with, too.


Jim Dine’s Two Hearts.


Adelaide thinks this one looks like grapes, but it reminds me of pregnant mamas.


CJ enjoyed taking the fir-cones out of these pods under the trees.


“He has an eyeball!”


Another thing I love is that there’s always something new to see here. I discovered today that the DeCordova has a relationship with Lincoln Nursery School. Outside the classroom were these cheerful nesting orbs (here’s a tutorial and more info from Paint Cut Paste if you want to make your own.)


We got to watch sculptors at work today, too!


Our last stop was the gift shop. CJ says, “No, no! Don’t put a sword in your mouth!”


These hand tattoos are really inspiring. You may see some fun with face paint featured here soon!


A book to pick up when CJ is a little bit older.


Looks like fun, doesn’t it?


We picked up this book, An ABC of What Art Can Be, and I highly recommend it. Not only does it have artful illustrations and clever rhymes to help teach the alphabet, but it has a bunch of ideas for art activities and games in the back of the book. Like the museum, it’s definitely a good time and an instant favorite.

For the record, the DeCordova sculpture park is open to the public on Mondays, but the museum itself is closed. However, the gift shop and bathrooms are open, and the park is free all day. So pick a sunny Monday and pack your picnic basket!


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4 Responses to A Perfect Place for a Picnic!

  1. thank you for the mention! your nesting orb looks fabulous! i’ll link to you your post on my facebook page.

    • Thanks Jen, but the orb is not mine, just so you know. I saw it at the DeCordova today and it made me think of yours. I do think we’ll be making some of our own, soon, though!

  2. i’m so sorry for the misunderstanding – i just reread it and i’m not sure how i overlooked that before. it’s been a LONG monday. oops. i highly recommend making some – we have a momma bird in our backyard right now who laid three eggs in a pimped out nest! we’re keeping an eye on her… happy spring! xo

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