A bad case of February

This time of year is always hard on me. A touch of Seasonal Affective Disorder plus a bunch of situational stuff has had me really struggling, but I am still here and still making. This weekend I finished this lovely CYOA top with Bishop sleeves from Rad Patterns (on sale here.) I may end up dying it because white and I really don’t mix, but for now I am enjoying the simple elegance.

Aimee wearing a white tunic with white lace sleeves, gathered at the wrist.

I am about halfway done with a project for Piccadilly Textile Corp, really loving this red velvet with their upcoming preorder “Captivity.” I’m working on more underwear for them, too, so never fear, you’ll still see my rear!

Two pieces of fabric, placed diagonally. The top is a rich red crushed velvet, the bottom is a greyscale watercolor floral, with an image of a mermaid in a jar. The mermaid has black hair, almond-shaped eyes, and a red tail. The jar is filled with water, flowers and coral.

Both Rad Patterns and Piccadilly are pretty amazing brands, for the record.  Owned by amazing, progressive women who strive toward inclusion, justice, and providing quality fabric and patterns.  I love them.

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