Here I am in a dress I made!
Here I am in a dress I made!


Who am I? What a great question!  How I answer could change daily (or hourly!) but first and foremost I am a creator.  I have made many things over the years, including fine art, classroom curriculum, a business, and a family.  I am confident in my ability to make just about anything, given the appropriate time and tools.  I particularly love a challenge -- a project where I get to learn a new skill like tooling leather, study a new subject like the chemistry of reactive dyes, or explore new themes like the influence of Japanese culture on the costuming of Star Wars.  All this goes to say that like everyone, I am a complex, multifaceted being and I hope you will stick around long enough to find out a little more.

What's "I made a thing" ?

The past year, 2017, has been challenging on many levels.  I know I am not alone when I say I NEED 2018 to be better! My therapy in 2017 has been making things. Mostly designing and sewing apparel (and costumes) for myself and my family, but I have also had fun painting with watercolors, sculpting pattern weights, and even designing a piece of custom furniture with the help of a fine woodworker! With the year almost over and a blank slate ahead of me, I made a commitment to make something every day of 2018. Sometimes it may be quick -- draw a card for a friend, stitch a quick hat for a gift or whip up something yummy in the kitchen. Other times may be progressing on a bigger project. I'm hoping others will join me along the way, posting pictures, sharing ideas, becoming friends.  Let's see what we can make of 2o18, shall we?


I suppose I should link to my Linkedin page here or something, but for now a quick overview:

Sewist for 30+ years

BFA from MassArt in 2001, Major in 3D fine arts, specifically glass

MAT from Tufts/SMFA in 2004, Art Education specialty

MA Certifications in teaching Fine Arts K-12 and Classroom 1-6

smARTroom family-friendly makerspace director 2015-2017

parent of a child on the Autism spectrum for 9 years and counting