Battening Down the Hatches

Here in New England we are expecting a major storm in the next 24 hours. School has already been canceled for tomorrow, and we expect to have at least a delay on Friday.  So I planned a French Toast Run (eggs + milk + bread = French Toast) even though I didn’t need the requisite ingredients.  What I did need was some big sheets and a couple of curtain rods.

You see, I had a pre-storm project to complete. We have only been living in our house for about a year, and last winter was relatively mild. This year we are having a very long COLD snap, and we have discovered a few spots that need a little extra insulation, including this set of double doors to our back patio. 

In particular the seal between the doors is quite drafty. But I had a plan.  I bought a king sized fleece sheet set from Kmart and 2 curtain rods.

At home, I took the top sheet’s top edge, and slit three holes – one at the center and one at each corner.

Then I slid a cafe rod through the pocket that the top hem creates, and hung it with the mounting hardware. The center mount goes through the center slit, and voila!

So why did I need another curtain rod? That’s for the OTHER project! With the fitted sheet and a tension rod, I made a lovely slipcover for our sectional couch in the family room. My sweetie is allergic to the leather (the couch came with the house, and fits the family room perfectly, and would be a huge hassle to move) and the blanket we have been using was just not cutting it. This solution is much better.  

The fitted sheet goes all around the couch, and the curtain rod goes in the gap between the back and the seat to hold everything in place. Much cheaper than a custom slipcover. I may put straps on it to go around the couch bottom at some point, but for now this will do. Let the movies and snuggling commence!

I also have two king pillowcases and a length of twill tape for a future project.

Since these projects were not my usual splash of color, I will leave you with a sneak peek at tomorrow’s snow-day project. See you then!



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