Warts and all

It has been a while since I blogged. Is this media obsolete? I should probably instagram or something instead, but I am not sure I want to limit myself to captions or 140-character sound bytes. Call me old-fashioned. What can you expect here? Creation stories. For example, today I made myself a new nightgown out of rainbow cotton lycra. I had a bunch of it that bled a little in the wash. But a nightgown doesn’t need to be fancy, just cozy. In the winter I like to have my shoulders covered but not be too restricted by things like footie pajamas. So I made a quick Sweet Tee in dress length. Easy peasy and comfy. What shouldn’t you expect? The highlight reel: perfection. You will get my warts and all. Shortcuts, screw-ups and bad days. I didn’t hem, just serged the edges and put on a banded collar. It’ll do, pig. It is just a nightgown out of flawed fabric. And I am wearing it right now, as I type this from bed. Photos will have to wait til the morning. Or not at all. Sometimes life is like that. But hey, guess what? I made a thing! #aimeemadeathing #wartsandall

ETA: Look, here it is!

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