Rainbow in the Storm

We are snowbound today and tomorrow here in MA. So I took the opportunity to stitch up this lovely fabric* I got from K’s Closet.  I cannot tell you how much I love the baby rainbow stripe I used for the yoke on this top.  I am really glad I have most of a yard left for ME! The colors are so vibrant and the sketchy black lines give it just the right amount of arty vibe. Plus, who could look at that rainbow flying hippocorn and not smile? 

I have a soft spot for hippos, because they were a major element in the design of Kiddo’s nursery back when he was tiny.  You can see a bit of the fabric I used back then being re-used as a cover on my ironing board in that detail shot. 

The pattern I used is the Discoverer Tee from Ellie and Mac, which is a favorite of mine, I love the color blocking and have stitched this one up a few times already.  I did add bands to the wrists and bottom because I hate hemming and I like the extra length to get extra mileage out of kid tops. Kiddo is tall and slim, so I tend to err on the side of long.  AND, even though it’s a size 10, I managed to get the whole thing out of one Happy as a Hippo panel, a fat half of the royal blue, and a scrap of the Rainbow Watercolor.  You can find the fabric at ksclosethillsborough.com

Now for the best part: I am giving this shirt away! To enter, just visit my Facebook page, like and share the post about this thing I made!

*Full disclosure: the fabric was given to me free of charge to sew up as a sample and review.

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