The Pink Dress

Happy dress is happy!

In September I saw a lovely ballet-pink crushed velvet wrap dress in a Torrid catalog. I instantly fell in love, but balked at the $65 price tag. As a plus-sized fashionista, I know off-rack rarely fits well enough to be worth it. This is part of why I sew my own clothes. I searched for a pattern, but none seemed right.

In October, I found the perfect silky Rose Crush velvet at Mily Mae fabrics. It lingered in my stash for about 6 weeks while I searched for the perfect wrap dress pattern. I hate wraps that fall open at the front, and as I have ample boobage, I wanted something that wasn’t going to reveal all or freeze my nipples off in the New England winter that was coming. 

Finally, I saw the call for testers for the Wanda Wrap Dress byWardrobe by Me in mid-November. I had just enough of cute mushroom print fabric to squeak a3/4 sleeve version out of non-directional 3 yards. 

Managed to squeak 2 ties out of that last strip on the right!

 The pattern is really clever in its construction, with a wrap top and a solid bottom with 6 gores.  

Pattern Tetris!

The side seams could easily be hacked to include pockets, but be careful if you choose to do that, because it may interfere with the drape of the skirt. 



Wearable muslin!

I really love how the wrap top is built, too with ties that really flow from the crossover front shape. Christina, the designer, is a total genius.  

Aside from adding length to the ties and subtracting length from the hemline, I was pleased with the fit of my double-brushed poly muslin. I then held my breath as I cut into my precious velvet. Which was smart, because there are still little pink hairs everywhere in my studio! The fabric is so slippery, I used all 50 of my knock-off wonder clips! I was glad I had 5 yards of the velvet, because the nap of the fabric and the long sleeves definitely ate a little more than the muslin did. Always double-check your nap!  

“Apres-ski” themed holiday party look.
Thanksgiving look.

I couldn’t be more delighted with how this dress came out, I have found two excuses to wear it already.  Here it is styled a couple of different ways. The first is with wine-colored knee socks, booties, and cloche hat. The second is with a hooded scarf, faux-leather Peg Legs, and velvet combat boots.  Both ways are comfy, warm, and chic! Now I want to sew all the velvet!

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